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The Duke Glee-cap

The Duke Glee-cap gives you a weekly recap of Fox's Golden-Globe winning Musical Comedy Glee. Check in every Tuesday night after the show to hear Duke Blogger Katie Bennett gleek-out about everything from who's getting slushied to the newest show-stopping performances.

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Glee 4.3: Makeover

10/01/12 13:03 PM

After last week’s disastrous episode, Glee is back with its most exciting “Makeover” yet. For the first time in the show’s four-season run, Kurt Hummel has finally won. His internship with Vogue.com seems to be the perfect match. Even more perfect is Sarah Jessica Parker’s portrayal of the delightful Isabelle Wright. Where Glee has often failed in its selection of guest stars, Parker’s character in conjunction with Kate Hudson’s Cassandra July presents the most dynamic and interesting set of subplots to date. Though the song selections in the “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile/The Way You Look Tonight” mash-up could have been more appealing, the entire sequence was charming. Parker’s vocals were strong and it is always a pleasure to hear Chris Colfer’s voice. That being said,...

Glee 4.2: Britney 2.0

10/01/12 12:46 PM

This week, Glee did Britney Spears one more time- and the outcome most definitely deserves an “oops.” Brittany’s character has always seemed pointless, and this episode definitely reinforced that for me. While she started out as comedic relief, she has become such a caricature of the clichéd head cheerleader that watching her antics week in and out is exhausting.  “Hold It Against Me” worked very well stylistically, but outside the choreography it added little entertainment value. Heather Morris’ voice has been autotuned so much that it’s borderline painful to hear. In all honesty, Morris should probably just stick to dancing and leave the singing to everyone else. Likewise, “Gimme More” results in nothing less than a show choir travesty. While I understand that...

Glee 4.1: The New Rachel

09/14/12 12:30 PM

After an entire summer of anticipation, Glee has made a triumphant return with new characters, new songs, and New York! It becomes immediately evident that the novelty of NYADA has worn off for Rachel, despite her budding friendship with the handsome older Brody. Rachel’s misery originates with the delightfully mysterious has-been ingénue Cassandra July (Kate Hudson). While I usually don’t care much for guest stars, Hudson’s intriguing character presents the foundation of what could be a very interesting mentorship for Rachel. The glimpses of alcoholism and wit suggest Cassandra’s major potential to be one of Glee’s best ideas yet.  The “Americano/Dance Again” mash-up lacked vocal sophistication and Cassandra’s back-up dancers often pulled focus away from their teacher....

Glee-cap: Goodbye

05/25/12 11:01 AM

By Katie Bennett   The season finale of Glee definitely had me saying “Goodbye” to season three and begging for season four!   I have an unhealthy amount of anger with the Glee writers for what happened to Kurt. There are no words for how shocked I am that he didn’t get into NYADA. After he nailed his audition, I had no doubt that he would be headed to New York. Just once, I would like Kurt to win.   But after I calmed down, I realized that this is the realistic result. While there is no denying that Kurt is insanely talented--he said it himself when he wasn’t cast as Tony in West Side Story--but there aren’t a lot of roles for the Kurt Hummel type. This is not to say that Kurt’s going to give up all his dreams and take over his... 0 comment

Glee-cap: Nationals

05/18/12 13:02 PM

By Katie Bennett After three years of disappointment, having their set lists stolen, and plenty of slushies to the face, the New Directions finally reigned supreme in “Nationals.”   It’s not hard to see why McKinley’s Glee Club finally won the top honor for show choirs.   “Edge of Glory,” though lacking Lady Gaga’s unique vocal abilities, served as the perfect opening number. Though it didn’t exactly fit with the Vintage theme of the competition, the Troubletones did an all-around excellent job. I really liked the softer choreography, as well as the splitting of the lyrics between Mercedes, Santana, Quinn and Tina.   Also, Quinn promised that she would dance at Nationals. Not only did she dance, but she danced beautifully. Although I’m...