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The Duke Glee-cap

The Duke Glee-cap gives you a weekly recap of Fox's Golden-Globe winning Musical Comedy Glee. Check in every Tuesday night after the show to hear Duke Blogger Katie Bennett gleek-out about everything from who's getting slushied to the newest show-stopping performances.

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Glee-cap: On My Way

02/21/12 22:46 PM

By Katie Bennett For a show that’s supposed to be a comedy, Glee certainly deals with a lot of heavy subjects. And nothing has been more serious than the winter finale, “On My Way.” First of all, I do not believe that Quinn is seriously injured. To keep my sanity, I must continue thinking that she will be fine, just as Karofsky’s storyline ended well. Glee has never been afraid to address serious social issues, but this episode may have been the single most dramatic of the show’s existence. Karofsky’s suicide storyline finally addressed the one LGBT issue that Glee has consistently avoided. If the writers waited this long in order to handle it with such care and grace, it was certainly the right decision.  Cutting the various... 0 comment


02/15/12 11:28 AM

By Katie Bennett It’s extremely appropriate that this week’s episode of Glee is named “Heart,” because I definitely almost went into cardiac arrest several times while watching it! I am completely shocked by Karofsky’s confession to Kurt.  I am entirely supportive of this budding relationship, but only as long as it stays in the friend zone. It is clear Kurt has forgiven Karofsky for all of the horrible bullying from last season, but I don’t ever want to see this become a romance. I admire Karofsky’s character development, but he threatened Kurt’s life and sexually assaulted him, and there is no way I could ever approve of a romance. Fortunately, Kurt and Blaine seem to be very solid, and “Love Shack” ended the...

Glee-cap: The Spanish Teacher

02/07/12 22:44 PM

By Katie Bennett It’s all right, Glee, everyone has off days, so I’ll go easy on you for this week’s episode “The Spanish Teacher.” The mediocre plotline perfectly focused on Will’s mediocre Spanish skills. A few well-positioned Spanish subtitles and the “La Cucaracha” farce did bring some humor into my haze of boredom. I could barely sit through “A Little Less Conversation,” especially with Will doing Elvis dance moves in a matador costume while Brittany and Mike pretended to be bulls. The performance bordered on being physically painful to watch. While the tenure storyline started off promising, I simply cannot bring myself to root for Will anymore. I know Emma accepted his apology, but it seems to me that he is...

Glee-cap: M.J. takes over Glee

02/02/12 01:51 AM

By Katie Bennett Any tribute to Michael Jackson is destined to be epic, and Glee’s latest episode “Michael” certainly did not disappoint! The long-awaited NYADA results are in, and both Kurt and Rachel are finalists! Of course, I’m not surprised. It’s about time Kurt got some good news. Burt bringing the acceptance letter to school and being there when Kurt opened it in the choir room made my heart swell. While I do believe Kurt would be better suited to fashion design, if NYADA is what he really wants, then I hope that NYADA is what he gets. Time’s running out for our seniors, and I can’t wait to see what their futures will hold. Rachel’s NYADA acceptance leaves a lot more to the imagination. I’m almost certain that her...