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Family Matters: Allison and Nick Foschia

By Addie Smith

Sports Editor

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Fred Blauth / Photo Editor

Siblings Allison (left) and Nick (right) Foschia both are student-athletes for Duquesne. Allison is an outside hitter on the volleyball team while Nick is a walk-on freshman for the men’s basketball team. The pair both decided to attend Duquesne Univerisity from Ohio. Allison is a junior occupational therapy major and Nick is a freshman accouting.

Allison Foschia and her brother Nick came to Duquesne for different reasons, but their decision to attend ultimately ended in the two of them playing on the same court at different times.

Allison, a junior outside hitter for Duquesne’s volleyball team, chose Duquesne over two other schools because of academic and athletic reasons while freshman Nick is a walk-on forward for the men’s basketball team who came here because of his major, accounting.

“I decided it [Duquesne] was the best academically for me and that basketball would just be a plus if I could make the team as a walk-on,” Nick said.

Allison agreed with Nick’s sentiments about Duquesne.

“I was down to like three schools for volleyball that I was looking at and Duquesne, like Nick said, was a great fit for me,” Allison said. “It was good in academics, for volleyball and in general I just love Pittsburgh. It was the best place I could choose ... and it’s worked out great so far.”
When Nick announced that he was attending Duquesne, Allison said she was excited. The two make plans to eat lunch together at least once a week.

Both believe that attending Duquesne together has strengthened their relationship as well as the pair maturing over time.

“I know that in high school we were kind of friends, but we had our own interests, we did our own things,” Allison said. “But I think once I came to college we became better friends because Nick was like ‘Gosh, I can’t wait to get out of the house, I can’t wait to go to college’ ... because I wasn’t home anymore, and it was good that once we were both in college we became closer. There’s more for us to do together.”
Nick also said that being at Duquesne together has bettered their relationship.

“I think it [our relationship] has improved since high school,” Nick said. “We’ve just been able to spend more time together because in high school you have certain classes, but you have more freedom in college that gives us the opportunity to hang out and stuff.”
Allison and Nick also make an effort to attend each other’s games to cheer the other on.

“He’s been a good sport, showing up after practice when he can, and of course my parents are always there [at games],” Allison said. “It’s nice that we can all be together on the weekends or whenever our [volleyball’s] games are. And of course they’ll come down for when he plays and of course I’ll come see him, which is cool.”
Nick not only has his sister’s support, but also the volleyball team’s support as they have adopted him as their own little brother.

“We [me and the volleyball team] just enjoy each other and we’ve become good friends,” Nick said.

Allison and the Duquesne women’s volleyball team will take on Temple in the quarterfinals of the Atlantic-10 Championship tomorrow afternoon at the A.J. Palumbo Center and Nick and the Duquesne men’s basketball team will take on James Madison Monday, Nov. 19 at Palumbo in the Progressive Legends Classic.



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