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Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the editor, Nov. 30

    Prof.: DU should recognize secular student society

    The recent decision by Duquesne not to recognize officially the Secular Society as a student organization on campus robs us of a new source of opinion and debate on the important topics of secularity and religion.  The decision therefore makes the tension in the idea of a Catholic University destructive and the institution to appear bigoted.

  • Letter to the editor: Duke should review more student plays

    Does The Duquesne Duke ever do critical reviews on campus plays?  Last Friday evening, I took advantage of the opportunity to see a Theater Arts' performance of Shakespeare's Measure 4 Measure. It was amusing, sexy and suspenseful, and despite the varying degrees of Shakespearean accents, the plot was easy to follow.  In fact, the production was so good I literally floated home which is the reason for my question.

  • Sept. 11 calls forth memories for an '02 DU grad 

    As I reflect back on Sept. 11, 2001, it amazes me the surprise that met us on that day. Looking back from a time where we assume everything is a terrorist plot, it is hard to remember the world before that terrifying genie came out of the bottle.





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